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24 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

1. In Ancient Egypt pyramid builders had been paid with beer.

2. Pharaoh Pepi II ruled for ninety four years.  It’s the the longest reign in historical past. He grew to become Egypt’s king when he was solely 6 years old.

3. Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, was actually Greek, not Egyptian.

4. The lost Egyptian city, Heracleion, was discovered after 1200 years beneath the ocean.

5. The ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 1,000 different gods at different occasions.

6. In 3200 B.C. King Menes united the Upper and Lower Kingdoms and it’s thought-about as begining of Egyptian history.

7. Unlike most other rivers, river Nile flows south to north, it floods in the summertime, and nobody knew where the water came from. Explorers found the source of the Nile in East Africa just 150 years ago.

8. Women and men in historical Egypt shaved their heads and often wore wigs, to remain cool and keep away from lice. Wigs additionally indicated social status, they became one of the most important style accessories in ancient Egypt. Wealthy people wore wigs produced from human hair, whereas poor people wore wigs made out of wool or vegetable fiber.

9. The scarab beetle was sacred to the Egyptians and represented life after death or resurrection.

10. Scholars believe the Egyptian symbol known as the ankh is the origin of the much later Christian cross.

11. Christianity was the primary religion in Egypt between the 4 and 6 Centuries.

12. Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stones.

13. The traditional Egyptians were the first people to have a year consisting of 365 days divided into 12 months. Additionally they invented clocks.

14. The well-known Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed as a burial place for King Khufu (2589-2566 B.C.) and took more than 20 years to build.

15. Hieroglyphs had been used just for ritual purposes and official inscriptions. For everyday use, Egyptians used a script known as “hieratic.” In 700 B.C., a second script called “demotic” was used, of which a derivative is utilized by Coptic Christians at present.

16. The first sailing boats had been invented in Egypt.

17. Ancient Egyptians mummified not only people but animals as well. Archeologists found a 4.5 m long mummified crocodile.

18. There are still unexplored passageways in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

19. Egypt is the most populated country in Middle East.

20. Ancient Egyptian ladies had more rights and privileges than most other women in the ancient world.

21. Women and men in ancient Egypt wore eye make-up known as kohl. It was believed that it had magical therapeutic powers that might restore poor eyesight and combat eye infections.

22. Egyptians knew the existence of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter.

23. Toilets had been also included in some ancient Egyptian tombs.

24. The Egypt’s first pyramid, Step pyramid of Djoser, was  constructed by famed Egyptian architect Imhotep in 2600 B.C.

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