tutankhamun mask


Tutankhamun was an Egyptian boy pharaoh. He ruled most probably from 1334 BC to 1325 BC. His original name, Tutankaton, means “living image of Aton”, while Tutankhamun means “living image of Amon”. The historical significance of Tutankhamun is the fact that he abandoned atonism (which was introduced by Amenhotep IV), and returned the ancient Egyptian […]

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Queen Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut (1473. - 1458. BC) was the fifth pharaoh of 18th dinasty in Ancient Egypt. She was the second woman pharaoh i history. Her mummy was found on 27. june 2007. Her full name was Maatkare Khnumt-Amun Hatshepsut. During the 18th dynasty, the royal house of Ahmos I was confronted with the tragedies that had occurred [...]

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old spinx photo

Rare Old Photos of Egypt

Pyramids of Giza, Chephren Pyramid,  1852. – Photograph via NYPL Digital Gallery   Sakkara Pyramid of Zoser – Photograph via NYPL Digital Gallery   Ramses statues, Luxor temple, Egypt – Photograph via NYPL Digital Gallery   Facade of the temple, Abou Simbel, Nubia 1862 – Photograph via NYPL Digital Gallery   Avenue des beliers de Karnak – Photograph […]

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visit luxor egypt travel

Spend Holidays in Luxor and Explore its Temples and Museums

Are you planning holidays to Luxor together with your families and children? If yes permit them to explore the very best areas of this Egyptian city. Luxor contains wide selection of tombs and monuments. Therefore, every year variety of history lovers plan holidays to Luxor to research the rich Egyptian history. Karnak Temple and Luxor were […]

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fact about ancient egypt

24 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

1. In Ancient Egypt pyramid builders had been paid with beer. 2. Pharaoh Pepi II ruled for ninety four years.  It’s the the longest reign in historical past. He grew to become Egypt’s king when he was solely 6 years old. 3. Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, was actually Greek, not Egyptian. 4. The lost Egyptian […]

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traps in egypt

Tips How To Avoid Tourist Traps in Egypt

Shopping in Egypt   The sellers in Egypt will try anything to drive you in their shops. The most common tourist traps they use are: they will ask you to help them write the advertising for their shop in your language, invite you for coffee or tea, or will try to get you in using the most […]

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top 10 tourist destinations in egypt

Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

1. Cairo Cairo features many of the must see attractions in Egypt not only because it is the largest city there, but also because it is located right on the Nile! It was founded clear back in 969 AD and is home to the famous Egyptian Museum where the treasure from the tomb of Tutankhamun […]

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cairo mosques

Cairo – The city of a Thousand Minarets

Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt. It is located in the northern part of the country, on the banks of the Nile River. It covers an area of 214 square kilometers, and is home to around 10 000 000 inhabitants.  This makes Cairo 13. largest city in the world. It is a political, economic, and […]

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egyptian traditional food

Egyptian cuisine

Egypt is a culinary paradise for people who like dishes prepared from seasonal abundance, vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs. Geographical location Egypt  is spread over 2 continents: Africa, its northeastern part and a small part of Asia. On the north is rounded by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east it borders with Israel and Gaza, on the west […]

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egypt papyrus

History of Ancient Egypt

About 5 000 years ago on the banks of the Nile River in North Africa has evolved, in many ways remarkable civilization of Ancient Egypt. Its development lasted over 3 000 years – longer than any other civilization in world history! Today, Egypt is one of the most developed and influential Arab states and is […]

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