top 10 tourist destinations in egypt

Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

1. Cairo

Cairo features many of the must see attractions in Egypt not only because it is the largest city there, but also because it is located right on the Nile! It was founded clear back in 969 AD and is home to the famous Egyptian Museum where the treasure from the tomb of Tutankhamun is held! One of the most important attractions in Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza, Valley Temple, Great Sphinx, Alabaster Mosque and Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

cairo travel egypt Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

2. Luxor

Luxor is a famous southern Egyptian city that is known for being home to famous landmarks and points of interest such as the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Luxor Temple, the Colossi of Memnon, and Hatshepsut Temple. Here you’ll find some of Egypt’s most ancient artifacts and can take a plenty of excursions and tours to view them!

karnac luxor vacation Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

3. Alexandria

Alexandria is known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean because of its high affinity towards the Mediterranean culture as opposed to Middle Eastern. It was originally formed by Alexander the great and was the center of learning in the ancient world. Despite its decline many years ago, it is now a bustling tourist attraction and the second largest city in all of Egypt. It features stunning underwater activities, a lot of of other excursion options, and also has a plenty of nearby beaches for visitors to relax on and enjoy! Most important sites of Alexandria are Qaitbay CitadelMontazah PalaceCatacomb of Kom El-ShoqafaPompey Pillar and Alexandria New Library.

alexandria egypt Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

4. Aswan

Located in southern Egypt, Aswan is a great place to visit because it’s so far from the chaotic Cairo. Avoiding all of the traditional Egyptian tourist attractions at the northern part of Egypt allows you to really get a good sense of actual Egyptian culture and see the true beauty of the land!

river nile aswan Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

5. Sharm el Sheikh

Looking to find a phenomenal beach destination? Then check out Sharm el Sheikh. It features stunning white sand beaches that allow you to not only enjoy its crystal clear and warm waters, but you can also take part in a myriad of underwater excursions from swimming to snorkeling! The large schools of fish and plentiful dive sites make this a popular destination in Egypt, and its proximity to nearby cities ensures that you never miss out on the other sights Egypt has to offer!
For those looking for a place with a wide variety of nature activities and excursions offered, then consider Sharm! Its natural landscape is left to its wild beauty and it offers so much for tourists to do!

egypt sharm el sheikh Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

6. Hurghada

As the third largest city in Egypt, and one of its main tourist centers, you’ll find that Hurghada is packed with endless opportunities to go exploring, view the stunning Red Sea, enjoy the nearby deserts, and even visit other cities close to Hurghada for a day tour! Consider some of these popular Hurghada excursions on your next trip to this stunning coastal Egyptian city!

egypt hurghada Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

7. Safaga

Safaga used to be a very small port town but has now become a huge tourist hot spot because of its prime location on the Red Sea and stunning year round climate. There are so many things to do at Safaga and because of its proximity to water, you’ll find that many excursions have to do with water sports, snorkeling, or diving!

egypt safaga Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt

8. Ain El Sokhna

Just a short distance from Cairo, Ain el Sokhna gives you the best of both worlds – a place away from all of the hustle and bustle of Egypt’s largest city, yet allows you to be close enough to see all of the amazing attractions! With stunning white sand shores and a very serene and peaceful feeling across the city, this Red Sea vacation spot is a must see!

egypt sokhna Top 8 Tourist Destinations in Egypt


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