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Spend Holidays in Luxor and Explore its Temples and Museums

Are you planning holidays to Luxor together with your families and children? If yes permit them to explore the very best areas of this Egyptian city. Luxor contains wide selection of tombs and monuments. Therefore, every year variety of history lovers plan holidays to Luxor to research the rich Egyptian history.

Karnak Temple and Luxor were connected via a long passage of Sphinx. These temples were the leading venue for important festivals. You cannot explore each of the temples a single day.

Temple of Luxor is an additional interesting place and it is more impressive on the night rather than daytime. The temple was built by Amenophis III around 1400 BCE. This temple is devoted to the Theban Triad of god, counting Amon-Ra, and was afterward extended by Ramses II. While enjoying holidays in Luxor it is possible to find out more history related facts.


queen hatshepsut temple Spend Holidays in Luxor and Explore its Temples and Museums

Religious souls can visit Temple of Dier El-Bahri. It is also called Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and features one on the most unique structures. Therefore, in case you are keen on ancient architecture, this temple has to be there on the list.

Colossi of Memnon is considered the most popular landmarks around the Luxor’s West Bank. The monument is made of two gigantic statues. These ruined statues are about 17 meters high. Both of these statues are cut down from gigantic granite blocks. One of these statues is situated with the entrance from the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III. There is a legend relevant to the name of the monument. According to experts, a part in the northern colossus was damaged during 27 BC earthquake. After the earthquake, the statue started producing strange musical sound during sunrise. Whole western Thebes is usually called Memnonia.


egypt luxor temple Spend Holidays in Luxor and Explore its Temples and Museums

Luxor Museum is an interesting attraction for families. This well located museum contains 2 mummies from the ancient time and several interesting artifacts can also be found here. There are wide range of descriptions in English and Arabic to spell out each bit on the visitors.

The Luxor Museum of Mummification is just about the most crucial museums within the city. It was opened in May 1977. It was first ever museum inside country having a pinpoint the subject of mummies. If you are enthusiastic about understanding the strategy of mummification, make certain this museum will there be one of many your Luxor vacation holidays. While looking at the exhibitions, you should go to understand the complete procedure for mummification besides rituals and customs linked to burials.


egypt hatshepsut temple tour Spend Holidays in Luxor and Explore its Temples and Museums

There are lots of options when it comes to shopping. That’s why, Luxor has emerged as among the top shopping destinations in Egypt. Tourists that are looking for shopping place can turn to souq to the shopping of souvenirs. Kids might have fun practicing their negotiating skills with the friendly vendors. You can buy jewelry, scarab beetles and belly dancing outfits.


karnak temple tour egypt Spend Holidays in Luxor and Explore its Temples and Museums

Thus enchanting capital of ancient Egypt – Thebes (Luxor) has become one of the most visited regions in Egypt. Besides Egyptian history, Luxor holidays also provide you with part of intriguing culture and traditions. Festivals work best strategy to go through the rich culture in the city. Most important cultural festival inside city is Pharaonic Wedding Festival. During this festival, many couples exchange their vows in the Temple of Karnak. The festival is filled with rituals and traditional practices.

Felucca Riding is an additional popular activity which can be included in list of holidays to Luxor. Felucca is  traditional wooden boat. This is probably one of the most distinctive strategies to explore the natural great things about the town. If you are on the honeymoon, your decision must be sunset cruise. As the sun falls, spectacular view adds new charm for a romantic holiday.

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