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Temple of Edfu – Horus Temple

Edfu Temple, is located between Aswan and Luxor, about 100 km north of Aswan and 85 km south of Luxor. It is ancient Egyptian temple.
It was discovered by Auguste Mariette and one of the best preserved temples in Egypt.

Temple at Edfu is the largest temple dedicated to god Horus and the goddess Hathor. There are festivals held in honor of Horus. According to belief, every year the goddess Hathor traveled south from her temple at Dendera to meet with Horus in Edfu where they married.

The inscriptions on temple walls contain valuable information about the language, mythology and religion of Egypt. Some of them speak about the details of the construction of the temple. There are also scenes and inscriptions of the mythical battle of Horus and Seth.

Temple of Edfu, designed also by Imhotep, the designer of the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, is one of the temples constructed and built during the Ptolemaic Egypt, including DenderaEsnaKom Ombo and Philae.

This temple was used for religious purposes untill 391. when Theodosius I banned non-Christian religious rites in the Roman Empire. As elsewhere in Egypt, Christians have destroyed some of the reliefs.

Over the centuries, the temple buried the desert sand, to a depth of 12 meters. Local residents have made the house directly above the former temple. French expedition in 1798 discovered the Temple of Edfu. In 1860, French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette started working on the excavation of the temple.

Temple at Edfu is nearly intact, and it is a good example of an ancient Egyptian temple.

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