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Travel Guide To Sharm El Sheikh

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General Information About Sharm El Sheikh

El Sokhna on the Red Sea is only 120 km east from Cairo is a recently developed international tourism zone. If you want to relax on a quiet beach resort on the Red Sea, and visit the capital of Egypt within a budget El Sokhna is ideal for you.
El Sokhna is still unexploited tourist destination. Unlike Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, El Sokhna has only recently begun to attract the interest of large international hotel chains. It was almost exclusively visited by domestic tourists. El Sokhna offers very well preserved soft sand beaches and turquoise waters, on a coastline stretching for over 60 km. In the southern desert, just 75 kms from El Sokhna, there are ancient monasteries of San Antonio and San Pablo , from the 4th century AD, considered the main places of worship of the Copts. Because of its pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere, the wealthiest egyptians come to this place to spend their vacation.

Sharm El Sheikh Culture and History


Ain Sokhna in Arabic means “hot spring” and the area gets its name from the bubbling springs of the nearby mountain of Ataka. Located in Suez governorate, Ataka Mountain rises 800 m above sea level and is a must see if you are in Ain Sokhna.

New archaeological excavations have shown that there was an ancient pharaonic port in this area. It was first introduced by professor Mahmud Abd al-Raziq. The site was occupied in the Old and the New Kingdom. There are some important rock inscriptions in this area. In particular, there is an inscription of Mentuhotep IV, the last king of the 11th dynasty. Here were also found large galleries carved into the sandstone mountains. They served as living spaces and storage rooms. In the Old Kingdom, maritime expeditions in the Red Sea were organized in Ain El Sokhna port.

What to visit

The coptic monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul in the nearby eastern desert are interesting cultural sites to consider. Also, the Suez Canal, very important historically, is approximately one hour drive from El Sokhna.

Sharm El Sheikh Nightlife

Ein Sokhna is not the most popular place for clubing on the Red Sea Riviera – not yet. Beginning Thursday evening – bars pop up along the beaches. The Sailor’s Bar is popular with tourists and stocks a reasonably wide range of drinks.

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